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Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party

About KDTP

The establishment process of the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party started with the need for the protection and development of political and legal rights of our society. It has been included in the political arena of Kosovo to become the voice and strong representative of the Turkish people, which has also managed to show a strong representation to this day.

Our Rights and Principles

Our party, the necessary control for the effective use of our rights arising from the Constitution and p…

Education, Culture and..

Until today, unfortunately, no non-governmental organization’s own place with suitable working condition…


Considering the economic situation of the Turkish community living in Kosovo compared to the education l…

Foreign Policy

Taking into consideration the fact that Turkey is the only KDTP address of the society in Kosovo, Turkey…

Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party

Party Program

To bring the Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party, which is the only political roof of the Kosovo Turks, back to its beautiful and powerful days, by blending the principles of modern democracy and our national values, with a fair, impartial and transparent management approach…

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General President

Fikrim DAMKA

Fikrim Damka was born on October 16, 1972 in Prizren. He has completed his primary education at the Motrat Qiriazi Primary School and the secondary education at the Gjon BozukuHigh School. In 1992 he started his undergraduate studies at the Istanbul University Department of Economics and graduated in 1996.